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Manage applications quickly and easily

Try our new service to see how easy it is to use. It’s free for providers and candidates.

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View applications

See the status of applications at a glance.

A screenshot of the service showing a list of applications and their statuses.

Review an application

See if candidates have worked with children.

You’ll also get explanations for gaps in work history.

A screenshot of the service showing a candidate’s work history.

Respond to an application

Make decisions easily using detailed information.

Notify candidates automatically.

A screenshot of the service showing the ability to respond to an application, and an example of the email a candidate would receive.

Who’s using Apply?

What providers say

We’re delighted to be one of the providers taking part in the pilot for DfE Apply. We’re passionate about improving the application journey for candidates, so we jumped at the chance to test and shape this new service.


The team

Our team is constantly making improvements based on feedback from users. Now is the time to get involved so you can shape the service.

The Apply team sat round a desk.